Friday, March 05, 2010

Titchmarsh's 'Frightened Of Gardening' Trend

What is the DEAL with this?!
Alan Titchmarsh seems to be on a roll. Granted, he isn't one of my favorites, so I probably wouldn't have much good to say to begin with, but I wish he'd get over this 'people are frightened' thing!

Way back on January 25th, I posted about his article : British Society Is Frightened Of Gardening.

Well, here he is, at it again, with a new article today: Alan Titchmarsh: Don't Be frightened Of Your Garden.

Seriously, get over this idea that people are 'frightened', Alan. Try moving on to a topic that might be helpful!

Happy (non-frightened) Growing!


Amy said...

I think 'frightened' is a little bit too harsh of a word. Maybe, unwilling to take a risk is a little bit better term. Maybe he was 'frightened' of the garden. :)

Tina said...

Hi, Amy,
thanks for dropping by!
I totally agree! Possibly 'intimidated' but frightened? Arggg...just reading that word associated with gardening makes me cringe.

flightplot said...

You know what I think of Mr T! He obviously didn't know what to write about and came up with that load of 'manure'! Flighty xx

ChickenFreak said...

I wish he'd clarify. Somehow. I'm interested in what he means, really, but he's not explaining.

Tina said...

Hiya, Flighty,
thanks for popping in!
Yeah, I think our feeling for Mr. T are pretty much along the same lines. I think you're right.
He's such a dozer!

Tina said...

Hi there, ChickenFreak,
thanks for dropping in!
Honestly, I think he just likes that word because it's an attention getter. And Mr. T is all about attention.