Friday, March 05, 2010

Back To Getting Their Hands Dirty

Kudos to Marianne Taylor and Janet Crowther!

"[Both] decided to change the course of their lives last year and began teaching classes in organic, native and drought-tolerant gardening.
Taylor and Crowther teach classes in what they call "dirt therapy."
The idea, the women say, is to help people realize gardening can be fun, healthful and appetizing."

Full article here: 2 Gardeners Find New Lives In 'Dirt Therapy'

How lucky are they to be doing, and teaching about, something they love?
Although, as always, I wish all the garden teaching going on were free, (yes, I totally understand that's never going happen) their classes are pretty cheap.


And cross your fingers that they vote yes! NY can always use more community gardens...

Gardeners Look To Reap New Contract

"After a successful first year, Plattsburgh Community Garden organizers are looking to secure another contract with the city.

The Plattsburgh City Common Council will vote next Thursday on whether the Community Garden can continue operating for another two years."

Happy (returning to the earth) Growing!

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