Thursday, March 04, 2010

Coleus - First Color

The coleus I sowed on February 1 are starting to show their first colors:


This one is from a packet that I bought. I usually harvest and save my own in the fall, but for some reason I didn't do it last fall. I'm not sure if it was because it got too cold too quickly or I simply forgot. Both reasons are equally likely.

I'll probably end up with a dozen or so plants to spread around the shade garden and containers. With the trees having to be removed every few years, the amount of shade in my yard is shrinking quickly. The last, a large maple that got hit by lightning last summer and a tornado a few years ago, may have to come down this summer.

I'm glad I whined about not seeing much of the flock of robins that stayed around all winter - maybe they heard me since they've been showing themselves a lot more lately. Ok, so it has nothing to do with me, they're more interested in searching the mulch pile for bugs. That pile is apparently heating up pretty well as it's the only thing for miles that's almost bare of snow.


And some sad news - I think there's a hole in the liner of the bottom pond. Argh! I'm so mad!
That'll be something to deal with come June.

Happy (coleus) Growing!


Kimberly said...

I love coleus...grew up with them everywhere as they're some of my mom's faves. Sorry about your pool liner. :(

Amy said...

I really like coleus, too. I need more of the ones that like sun. I found one in a book that I liked called 'Compact Red'. They had it paired with 'Adam's Needle'... yucca. It was a pretty combo. I am having a hard time finding it, though. :/

Tina said...

Hey, Kimberly,
thanks for popping in!
Even thought they've become 'common', I still love them.
And thanks - it's going to be one massive project with that koi pond come summer :(

Hi Amy,
thanks for dropping by!
You really want to be amazed at what is available coleus-wise, check this out:
You can even choose by leaf shape and color!
I hope you find somewhere to get that Compact Red. That sounds like a nice combo.