Wednesday, February 10, 2010

She Just Keeps Going & Going & Going

My thanksgiving Cactus started the first bloom in October.
She repeat bloomed, which is not all that abnormal, for Christmas.
But, she's on her third bloom!
This is today:


I've never had one do this before. Two bloom cycles, yes. Three, no.
Nothing has really changed in her environment.

Maybe it's because of the breeding I did. Though, I don't know why the others didn't respond in the same manner since they produced seed also. The rest are setting their second buds now, but that's normal.
Or maybe it's that she's being threatened daily with freezing to death in the window she's in - the heat in the house has been turned way down this year out of necessity. (trust me, it's freaking cold in here! Most of my tropicals are not looking too grand as they're a bit miffed that a cold front has apparently settled into their nice cozy domain.)

I'm not sure why she's decided to impersonate the energizer bunny this time, but I'm glad she is!
Hmm, I wonder if she'll see fit to do a fourth in April for my step-mom's birthday? Now, wouldn't that be something!

Happy (reblooming) Growing!

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Anonymous said...

How interesting. My cactus which I had for years would only partially bloom. And then we moved to this house where it gets light (mostly indirect) all day long. So for the last three years it has bloomed 6-7 months continuously (Nov-May). I think it is just a happy plant because there is nothing else special or changed besides the location in northern window exposure!