Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Thanksgiving Cactus Seedling Progress

So far so good on the breeding try!
The progress so far:
The pod had been on the plant for exactly one year.

The seeds after removing from the pod with a quarter for size. Sorry, I know it's blurry :(

The Thanksgiving cactus seedlings on 1-5-10. Too cute! They germinated in 7 days and these seedlings are one week old.

The poinsettia seed experiment didn't turn out so great last year, but since the plants are sporting pods again this year, maybe I'll give it another try come spring.

I hope everyone is getting geared up for spring. Yeah, I know it's only January, but it's never too early to think spring! Especially with the current ridiculous cold snap we've been stuck in.
I've been puttering and 'over loving' all the houseplants. I also sorted through all our seeds and since we saved most of our own, there are only a few things I'll have to buy. Good thing since D still hasn't found a job. I'm wondering if this year is really going to be any better than last year or not.

Oh! I got 10 packs of 'extra' seed from someone for just a couple of stamps. (Thanks, Tom!!) He sent me Yvonne's Salvia, which is something I've been wanting to grow for years. I'm so excited!

Almost time to start Winter Sowing in my recycled milk jugs again, which is also exciting - but it is every year, even though I've been doing it for 6 now.

Happy growing!


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