Saturday, January 09, 2010

A 2010 Seed Shortage?

According to an article in The Baltimore Sun, by Susan Reimer, it's quite possible.

Seed shortage in 2010?

Personally, I'm not buying it.
I think there will be plenty to go around to anyone who wants them. Granted, some varieties might be harder to get your hands on, but that happens almost every year anyway.
I wonder if it will end up being one of those 'the sky is falling' panic episodes? You know, like when the scarcity of rice rumor started flying and the price suddenly hit the ceiling and the shelves were bare? Yeah, like that.

This is exactly why I save 95 percent of my own seed. Wanna bet if rumor starts spreading fast enough the prices start going up? I guess it's as good a reason as any for the seed companies to use to their profit benefit.

Happy Growing!


Flighty said...

I think that you're right, and like you I save much of my seed.
I've already bought all I want for this year so if prices rise here I won't be affected.
Happy gardening! Flighty xx

Tina said...

Hiya, Flighty!
I'm glad you've already gotten what you wanted. You are on the ball! Then again, you may spot something else you'd like to try, and then, know. lol

Flighty said...

I'd be very surprised if I don't buy a few more packets over the coming months! Flighty xx

Tina said...

Hey, Flighty,
I'm secretly hoping you DO find something else since it's always interesting and exciting to see how something 'new to you' turns out. :)