Wednesday, February 10, 2010

$500K in seed funding

No, not for me. I wish!!
Go ahead, imagine what you could do with a seed budget that big - I'll wait.
Ok, you back with me now? I know, it's terrible to have to leave that dream.

ITHACA - Aero Farm Systems, LLC (AeroFarms) of Ithaca has secured $500,000 in seed financing

What the heck kind of seed are they buying with $500,000?
Holy cripes!

"Aeroponic technology grows produce without soil and without sun, year-round and in any location."

People have been experimenting with that for a long time - it works.

"Ed Harwood, Ph.D., is founder and CEO of AeroFarms. He founded the company in 2004 as GreatVeggies LLC, based on his own design of an aeroponic growing system. Harwood previously served as associate director of Cornell Cooperative Extension for Agriculture and CEO of Topline Waikato, Inc.

Aero Farms' university partners include Cornell, North Carolina State, Alfred State SUNY College of Technology, and Rensselaer."

Umm, ok, I guess that's good?
Obviously, the possibilities are endless, but what will the final cost be to produce enough to make it worthwhile? And you still need space. Ooooo, huge abandoned high-rise opportunity here! Or, just abandoned buildings, period. It will be interesting to see what eventually comes of this.

Happy ( $500,000 worth of seed) growing!



ChickenFreak said...

Yowza. Very cool.

Except, of course, to use that much seed I'd have to use some of that money to buy land with. But, still...

Tina said...

Hiya, Chicken Freak,
thanks for stopping by!

I think I'd need some for land too, like a tropical island. Or something equally suitable.