Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Proof Organic is the Way to Go

Just came across this from my newsrunner:

Toxic chemicals used to kill voles kills two girls in Utah.

"Investigators say the gas may have entered into the family's home after an exterminator dropped Fumitoxin aluminum phosphide pellets in burrow holes in the lawn Friday to kill small rodents known as voles.

Meanwhile, a Sandy woman, Alice Pittman, said Wednesday that she now wonders if a September 2008 Fumitoxin application by the same exterminators - Bountiful-based Bugman Pest and Lawn - may be connected to the deaths of her two Basset hound puppies.

Pittman, 77, also recently had cancer-related surgery and said she worries the poison application could somehow be connected to her recent health problems as well. "Now, I wonder about that, too. It leaves a question in my mind," she said."

Man, oh, man. How sad is that? Think, of both your family and neighbors, before you let people throw chemicals will-nilly around your property. Cross your fingers that your neighbors don't do it either!


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