Monday, February 16, 2009

WinterSowing on TV . . . Again


Well, well.
Wintersowing has made the news. Again.

Trudi Davidoff, of fame, was featured on one of the national morning shows last year (I think it was last year - I posted about it somewhere on the blog.)

Anyway, it has made news again as a segment on KARE11:
WinterSowing video segment.

Although the guy went waaaaay overboard on the amount of tape he used and didn't mention to leave the caps off, it was a pretty good 'beginner' introduction.

It obviously took a few takes to get it right as they already had footprints tracked to the spot in the snow, as well as depressions in the snow where they'd previously placed the jugs.

And I wish they'd gone into more discussion about the depths (why he was measuring and marking before cutting) and that perennials aren't the only choice for this technique - some veg and annuals are also good choices.

There was also an article in Northern Gardener about WSing, but if you're not a subscriber . . . well . . .

It's about time WinterSowing started catching on like a house afire and getting the attention it truly deserves.

Go Trudi!


Mary S. said...

Hi, I am editor at Northern Gardener and tried winter sowing last year (and am doing even more now). The story on winter sowing has gotten more attention than anything we've done in a long time. Michelle Mero Riedel, the author, taught one class last week on it and so many people wanted to take it that the hort society scheduled another for Monday, Feb. 23. I first read about winter sowing on this blog--thanks for writing about it.

Tina said...

Hi, Mary,
thanks so much for dropping in and commenting!
I am so very delighted that someone found something of use in my blog.
WinterSowing is finally catching on like crazy - and I'm over the moon about that!
I'm betting (or hoping) Michelle might have to schedule a third class. lol.
If she gets ahold of Trudi Davidoff, she may volunteer to show up and do a class for them herself. You never know with Trudi.