Friday, February 13, 2009

Cacti Seedlings And WinterSowing


A month ago, January 11, I started some mixed cacti seed.
I was hesitant to mention it as I figured it would be a dismal failure.
Every single one of those seeds sprouted within days - and there were a lot of them.
They've reached almost an inch high and have the cutest little spines on some of them.
So, yay for me growing cacti.
Well, so far. I still have my fingers crossed.

I also got some wintersowing done. 15 jugs were tossed out into the snow on February 2.
I had to right two of them yesterday that the wind blew over, but they'll be fine. They always are.

I still have a lot of jugs yet to do, but I'll get there. At this point it seems that winter will never end.

And we put the Plant Stand up for this year and it has lots of cuttings on it as well as the onion seed. I just need to reign myself in so I don't get antsy and start the rest of the veg seed too soon.
I suppose The Grow Guide is worth another mention at this point. lol.



Flighty said...

I keep meaning to try growing cactus seeds! Did you use ordinary or special compost?
Do keep us informed as to how they progress. xx

Tina said...

Hiya Flighty!
It was a 10 cent clearance mixed packet, so I took a chance and have no idea what varieties I really have growing.

I did a ton of research before I sowed them, and good thing I did because who would have ever guessed that cactus seedlings need constant humidity, moisture and shade for anywhere from a few months to a year?!

I used peat for the growing medium because it's easier to keep the moisture regulated, and also used a shallow, clear covered plastic container so I could open it just a tad after they germinated and keep the humidity level up, but still let in some fresh air to ward off mold and fungus.

They sprouted really quickly. I was shocked! Even though they're not suppose to get any direct sun at all for the first year or so, I popped them under lights (I figure it isn't anywhere near true sunlight) and the growth took off like gangbusters.

You should really give them a try!
Cacti and sunflowers - does it get better? lol.
Seriously, I do hope you get some. Those tiny, spiney, bright green lumps are too cute!

Now if I can just keep them alive for the next year or through transplanting. ~fingers crossed~

Flighty said...

Thanks for the info! I'll bear it in mind when I do get round to trying it! xx