Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Onions Are Up


And, wow, is it nice to see such bright green life!

These are from the seeds I gathered last fall from a Yellow Spanish that we'd missed pulling in 2007 (oops!).

People always ask why I bother growing them from seed when you can just as easily buy starts, but if they saw the softball sized, delicious, juicy bulbs I yank every August/September, they'd understand.

First, it's cheap, cheap, cheap. Second, with me, it's a 'thing' to start plants from seed.
I just gotta!

I can't wait to get the toms and peppers going. Yes, I'm being a good girl and holding out until it is time.
Waiting is sooooo hard!



Flighty said...

I grow mine from sets(starts over there?) which will be planted out in a few weeks time.
Over here most people do this, rather than grow from seed, as they mature quicker and aren't attacked by mildew or onion fly.
Happy gardening! xx

Tina said...

Hiya, Flighty!
I see things are turning greener in your neck of the woods and truthfully, I'm a tad jealous!
Yes, they're called sets here too, but my grandmother always called them starts (and gave a good "Well, that's what they are, aren't they?!" reasoning) so it's sort of a hold-over from her. lol.

The hubs and I did a bit of experimenting for 2 years in a row - he insisted on planting sets and I went about doing from seed, as usual. He was not a happy camper when all of my 'puny seed' produced much, much better than his sets ever had (and had no bug problems as his did).
Needless to say, he doesn't mention using them any more. lol.

The only trick with starting from seed is that I have to 'confuse' them a bit and start inside under lights very early as we have too short of a growing season for them up/over here, but I've gotten it down to a science at this point.

Happy growing! (and much sooner for you than me...arrgh. lol)

LC David said...

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