Monday, March 03, 2008

Sown Over The Weekend

Sown for 'seed starting weekend'. Since no one wanted to play, fine, I'll play by myself ;)~

On the plant stand

Brussel Sprouts
Head Lettuce
Bell Peppers
Sensitive Plant (I have one seed left - I think the lady picked the pods before they were mature and the rest just sat in the soil and eventually rotted)
Coleus (more-can you ever have enough?)
Asarina (in hanging basket)
Thunbergia alata (in hanging basket)

Wintersown in milk jugs

Balloon Flower
Canterbury Bells
Cosmos (sea shell)
Butterfly Weed
Sweet William
Gloriosa Daisy
Datura (The package says lavender, but I think it ended up being just plain old Jimson weed. But did I mark the package? Nooooo)

I think I'm forgetting a few...

This brings my wintersown jug count to 42. Not many this year, but I tend to forget what a race it is in the spring to get thousands and thousands of seedlings into the ground.

I accosted some poor guy in the seed area in Waldeath yesterday.
Well he started it! He was browsing through the expensive seeds (those display areas I won't even go near) and noticed me thumbing through the 10 and 30 cent packages. He kept picking up packages, raising his glasses to his forehead to read them, them sticking them right back. I'm not sure if he was reading the price, the flower descriptions or the sowing instructions.

Anyway, after scouring about the tenth pack, he popped over and pointed at the cheapies. "Do those grow OK?"

Oh boy! The perfect opportunity was plopped right in my lap! Of course they do and I told him so. (I really wish people would stop buying expensive seed when they can get the same for cheap, because YES, they grow just as well. And in most cases, better!)

And obviously, as he seemed a bit clueless and lost about growing things, I had to pass on the wintersown and gardenweb websites. I hope he'll visit. He seemed honestly interested, and even wrote the info on the seed packages he was buying. Yeah, the cheap ones.

And where does my husband suddenly appear from? He'd been in another section of the garden area chatting about bulbs with the guys wife!

'Twas a good day.

Oh, and the hubs found a package of popcorn seed! I guess we're growing it this year after all. Yay!


robbinscabin said...

Sorry I'm late getting here. The health crisis continues...Jeez, I'm tired! But here's what we got planted: African Daisy ~ Mixed colors Alyssum ~ Rosie O'Day
Portulaca ~ Moss Rose (Pelleted)
Snapdragon ~ Dwarf Magic Carpet
Sweet Pea ~ Royal Family Mix

Tina said...

Awww, thanks for dropping in. Don't be sorry! I know you're dealing with a lot right now.
Those are all fun things to grow from seed and I bet the kids had a ball doing it! lol, wait until they see those first sprouts...

Windyridge said...

Wow I am so glad I found you, er rather you found my Other Side of NY site. I don't know if you visitied my farm blog too but I had just started tomatoes inside for the first time ever. I took photos and blogged about the kit I used. I am excited about having my own plants this year. of course I am sure I started them too early so I will have to figure out how to handle that issue. I am going to check out your Growguide. I also need to figure out some hardy self maintaining plants/flowers for our cabin in St. Lawrence Co. since we aren't there all the time.

Tina said...

Hiya Windyridge!
Oh, my gosh! I have been reading your NY blog for forever and I didn't know you had another blog!
lol, I am often not very observant.
I'll be sure to read through On A Ridge!
I think you'll be ok with the toms as long as you keep potting up to bigger pots and plopping them in right up to the first true leaves.
As far as the flowers - there are so many! I'm sure you'll find something you like that'll work. Just don't plant mint as it will eat your cabin while you're away! lol.

OldRoses said...

Sorry, most of my wintersowing is finished. I did a few last containers on Sunday. I planted:

Columbine 'Nora Barlow'
Columbine 'Grandmother's Garden'
Monkshood 'Blue Bishop'
Red Swamp Milkweed
Red Mexican Hat
Great Blue Lobelia
St. John's Chamomile
Butterfly Weed
Cardinal Flower

Still more to go. I am closing in on 50 containers.

Christine said...

I'm SOSOSO bummed. We didn't get any of the cheap seeds here in my area this year. Well, they have some, and I bought some, but they don't have the ones I'm used to buying. The farm store had a different brand, but still 20 cents a pkg.

Tina said...

Hiya Caren!
Yeah, I figured you'd be way ahead of me on the wintersowing. Girl, you're like the energizer bunny! If my cardinal flower sprouts, I don't know what I'm going to do with them all. I guess the blog will runneth over with red. Not a bad thing!

thanks for dropping by!
Awww, maybe they'll still have the cheap seed out yet? 20 cents ain't bad! Hope all grows well for you!