Friday, March 07, 2008

Mouse In The House

Again. I've had to deal with them before, but that was in the fall when they were scouting for winter homes.
Yup, mouse (or mice? Ugh!) in the house.
Though I do adore living in the middle of nowhere, I don't enjoy living with much of the wildlife. We sort of draw the lines and tolerate each other. Although they seem to just smirk at my lines as they waddle/slither/bounce across them.

I woke up to trashed seedlings on the bottom level of the plant stand. Grrr!
The little b*****d chewed the top leaves off. And of course, he had to be picky about which seedlings he chewed.

Only stems left on 1/2 the pansies and impatiens.
A third of the peppers Hungarian Wax and Jalapeno M) are chewed right to the soil. He left the poor severed, wilted leaves just laying there.
And (of course) he dug the moonflower seeds right out of the soil. Yes, the chewed and discarded remains of seeds were left in an obvious position on the tray of coleus seedlings right next door. I had a slight disaster last year with the moonflower and only ended up with one flowering survivor last summer. I'm hoping the little SOB overlooked a few of those seeds.
Lilies - about half left.

Thank goodness I put the cole crop sprouts on the top level of the plant stand where they can't be reached.

This is war - now I just have to decide on my weapon of choice. It would be my bare hands...if I could catch the little f-er!


robbinscabin said...

Normally, I love wildlife and try to be as patient as possible with all living creatures. I said normally because in this case...GET HIM!!! He declared war on you and your seedlings! As a strong woman once said, "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!"

I hate to admit it but I have been invaded as well. However in my case I can't use the old fashioned snap mouse traps for fear that one of my kids will lose a finger. Instead I use the glue trap boxes. The mouse crawls in to the box and gets stuck in the glue.

Good luck in your quest for your FREEDOM AND RIGHT TO GROW! LOL.

Tina said...

Oh, you're right - this is war! I am sooo gonna get him!
I don't have little fingers to worry about, so he's getting the works. There is no way he's getting away with this. Uh-uh!
There are a lot of people being invaded this year. And I thought the ants were bad - at least they don't have a buffet with my sprouts!

Good luck in your quest for your FREEDOM AND RIGHT TO GROW!

Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh ;)

Windyridge said...

Our redwinged blackbirds showed up two days ago...a very welcome sound! They can get a little annoying tho' it's true.

Nickie said...

Somehow, I can relate.....

I have a vegetarian cat, who's teaching the dog to be vegetarian....

Seedlings are not safe here....

Blackswamp_Girl said...

If it makes you feel better, Tina... I live in a pretty urban area, and I have a mouse in my house right now, too! (It's not just for country dwellers. Maybe it's just for people who love and live in older homes?)

Tina said...

Thanks for dropping in!
I thought I was seeing things for a sec when I first spotted them, but you can't mistake that racket they make. They actually hung around all weekend, which surprised me.

Thanks for stopping by!
Awww, maybe you've got the situation fixed with the greenhouse thing? I hope so, but I bet they still have eyes for that catnip.

Hiya, Kim!
Thanks for stopping in!
So sorry you have a varmint in residence also. Maybe we should be charging them rent?! Maybe it's just harder to block up every possible access hole in an older house? I still swear our house has a freaking invisible (to humans) neon 'vacancy' sign.