Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Heebie-jeebies/screaming meemies

Ok, I can deal with a lot of things that don't gross me out at all ; spiders-no problemo, snakes-love 'em, even have a tattoo of one (surprises, eh?), grubs, worms, beetles, lizards, creepy crawlies-all no biggies. Ok, so I don't deal so well with leeches and maggots, who does? But MICE? No, no, no, no, NO!

Those beady eyed, evil clawed, swivel eared, disease carrying, mangy little scruffy fuzzballs can stay the hell outta my house! This is war!

Of course, my kids think I'm freaking out over nothing, but when you find chew holes in your houseplant fertilizer bag, there is definiltely one in this house=time to panic. I hope the little scruzzball poisoned himself! The curse of country living.

It'll be traps to the rescue tonight.

Now, don't go leaving me some "But they're so cute!" and, "But they're just trying to survive!" or "They don't deserve to be killed!" comments, cause in my world, they aren't welcome under any circumstances. Period. Or, I could just send them to you kind hearted souls. :) I'll make 'em little mousey backpacks and hand 'em a map.

God must have put them on this earth for some reason or other, I just can't figure out what. Maybe cat food...

Please take a second to do this. It's free and is well worth it to let our soldiers know we are thinking of them: Say Thanks


Kasmira said...

I think you need a cat! Although, you may have to deal with dead mice then. My neighbor's cat likes to bring her mice into the bed.

sewobsessed said...

'A' cat? It's 'a' mouse so I think I need a 'herd' of cats! lol. My girlfriend's cat likes to put presents (snakes, mice, chipmunks, baby bunnies, moles) in her slippers all the time. The only problem is, he never quite kills them! Ick!