Monday, March 03, 2008

I Need Help, Please

OK, I'm sure everyone is done laughing at my Lavender faux pas by now.

I have about a dozen lavender sprouts on the plant stand (different type).

Now, I realize it's going to take them some time to even reach decent size, but I want to eventually plant them (yeah, if I don't kill them) at the end of the driveway, at the front edge of the patio - south facing (No, there isn't a flowerbed there as of right now, but come spring...) I want it to have an open-closed-in feel. As if it's a seperate space but still part of the complete picture. You gardeners will get what I mean.

I don't know what to plant with them. Anyone have any ideas? It's got to be flowers of some kind - no shrubs, Spirea (pink and white) will be on the west side, but come to think of it, I have no idea what to plant with those either! I do have some weirdo bushes that were given to me last summer. They look sort of like a mock orange and I looked them up, but don't remember what they are. Maybe I'll interplant those with the spirea. I'll figure it out eventually. Maybe portulaca.

On the third (back side) will be Pampas grass, giant sunflower, dahlia and whatever I can't fit in somewhere else.

Maybe this whole planting situation I've got going sounds completely wrong? Well, maybe it does. Ugh! If it does, quit slapping your foreheads, smack mine and help me!

The bed will be about 2 foot wide and 16 (I think?) feet long, but I have to leave an entrance somewhere. I've been keeping an eye on the foot traffic to decide where that opening will be and I can already tell that the oil delivery guy is gonna be a problem. :( You can't see anything under 3 foot of snow and I really hate fences, so I don't know what to do about that. Maybe containers on pedestals of some kind? He might be more likely to walk between them than around?

The bed will be well draining and mounded (per wishes of picky lavender).
But I have to figure out how not to over water (yeah, it's a habit) and I need something in there that I can pretty much ignore. I thought blue salvia (mainly because I can't kill it!) but I think not having any contrast would suck. I might put some variegated thyme in there and some basil (see a theme here?) but I want some color. I'm not adverse to pink, people! Suggest away. Something tall? (but skinny - I don't want to block off the front view) Really short? Lavish? Skimpy? Annual? Perennial? Ground cover? Something I can start from seed would be great!

Please suggest something. Anything.

It's making me nuts! I have never been this bothered about where to plant what. OK, I've never been a planner before, I've just let things 'happen', but this seems entirely different for some reason.

Oh, Caren! Kim! Yoohooo! Anyone?


Nancy said...

There is a variety of basil that is purple, and has ruffled leaves. It also flowers quite beautifully.

I find that most geraniums are pretty tolerant too, and there are an infinite variety of them.

Yarrow would be good too. I've one called Apple Blossom that is red, fading to white.

Good luck, and enjoy. Don't forget: nothing in the garden HAS to be a perfect sucess the first time. Sometimes, it's the evolution of the space that creates the most satisfaction.

OldRoses said...

I can't think of anything offhand that would fulfill your wishes of loads of color but doesn't need a lot of water. Most "dry" plants are pretty colorless. Personally, I would go with containers. The containers themsevles could be colorful. The contents could be colorful and change throughout the growing season. You can vary containers by size and height. You can even buy plant stands to hold them to give them height. It would also give you an opportunity to see what looks good with the lavender without having to "commit" to anything. If something looks terrible, just move it somewhere else. No need to uproot anything. Just move the container.

Yeah, definitely containers. Good luck! Post lots of pictures!

Tina said...

Hi, Nancy.
Thanks for dropping in and giving some suggestions!
Actually, I DO have some geraniums that aren't happy where they are and have to be relocated. I'd totally forgotten about them! Thanks for the bump in the head about 'em.
They will definitely go on the 'maybe' list for that area now.

The yarrow sounds good, but I've read a lot of moodiness from other gardeners over their vigor. Hmmm, but that does remind me I have some butterfly weed in some ws jugs, and they might just fit the bill perfectly with some underplantings of moss rose with them instead of on the other side! Wow, The choices are getting closer to...choices.

Hey there, Caren!
Thanks so much for giving me your opinion. I really appreciate it!
I was thinking along the lines of containers too, as it would be so much easier than planting and ripping, planting and ripping. lol.
But, I don't have anything nice container wise. Unless you count those ugly plasticy ones. I'd LOVE to have a couple of those blue glazed Tuscan ones! I think they'd be perfect! But, of course, they want an arm a leg and you better throw in a toe. :(

Damn, now you've got me trying to figure out how to get some cheap plastic look-alikes. ~sigh~ Maybe I'll find something good on junk days this spring? You wouldn't believe what people throw away!

I really wish I could take pictures! I hate it that I can't show people what it is I'm talking about. I need a camera, dang it! I might be able to sucker my daughter into taking a few with her cell phone now and then when she comes to do laundry ;)

Well, I guess I still have time to think on it. If I find some containers by luck somewhere, that's the way I'll go. If not, I guess I'm going with the geraniums and butterfly weed as I already have some. (hopefully)

If anyone comes up with an idea (or you guys think of another one) - please feel free to jump in with it!