Friday, February 15, 2008

Finally Getting Started

Even though I lazed around this morning doing nothing and scouting out more garden blogs, I still got stuff done this afternoon.

There are now 20 milk jugs sitting in the snowbank outside. Woohoo!

Ok, so it's only 20, but it is a start. I can't believe how far behind I am compared to last year.

The wintersowing container counts for zones 5 and 6 are running pretty tight:
Zone 5…3060. Zone 6…3417.
So hurry up all you zone fivers. Get 'em sowed and report your totals!

And does anyone know how you can post a comment on a wordpress blog if you don't have a wordpress account? I've been trying to comment on a certain blog for days and it keeps telling me I have to use a wordpress log-in in order to leave a comment. I'm betting he doesn't have the comment portion set so it will accept outside/other blog commenters. Anyone have a wordpress account that can tell him how to fix this?


Gina said...

Tina - I still have more to do myself. I have about 10 more to do this weekend. Congrats on getting started! Is this your first time winter sowing? It's my first.

Weeping Sore said...

I've had the same prob with wordpress. Guess those bloggers will have to survive without our insightful musings.
Although I suspect I know the answer, I have to ask: why are you planting milk cartons? You do know you have to plant cows to get milk...;)

Tina said...

Nope, not my first year, and won't be my last. lol.
You're ahead of me this year. :) I don't know why I can't get motivated to get this finished! I still have a few weeks before I can start a lot of the annuals anyway.

lol. Thanks for the 6am giggle!
Glad I'm not the only one having problems with wordpress. (ok, really I'm glad to know I'm not so much of a doof that I just can't figure out a simple comment box!)

The deal with the milk jugs is called wintersowing - plopping seeds outside in winter. Lots of plants, no lights, no inside space and no damp-off. You can read lots of info on it here:
or here:
wintersowing at gardenweb and FAQ's
There's nothing more fabulous than playing in soil in the dead of winter while watching the snow pile up! And, yup, you can do it in zone 9.