Sunday, February 10, 2008


Holy cow!
The Jalapenos germinated already, in 4 days.
4 freaking days! A month to germ - my butt.

The onions are all sprouting well. Thank goodness enough germed that I'll be stocking the freezer with them again in the fall.

I was pondering growing popcorn this year, but they'll cross with sweet corn, so I guess that's out. Besides, I've been doing some research on them and they seem to be too much of a PITA to get moisture content right. Ahhh, well - maybe when I'm old and gray. Strike that...I'm already gray, so we'll just go with old. lol.

I swapped my Aunt for some seed, so I'll have impatiens and pansy seed to start. Of course, I can WS the pansy seed, so more room for imps. :) Ok, with all the veg taking over the light stand, maybe just a few.

And I figured I'd try lavender just one more time, so I'll do half of the seeds in, the other half WS and see what happens. And if they don't germ - I GIVE UP!

And no caps on your WS containers, people. Tons of blogs are reporting that they're giving Winter Sowing a try, but I can't understand where they got the faulty information to leave the caps on. You need rain, snow and fresh air to get in there! Well, the seeds need it. lol. I hate to see people get the wrong information and them be disappointed that it didn't work because of it.

Some more info: A few newbie questions answered


Gina said...

I took my caps off! I think the thing was that the site I was looking at did not explicitly say DO NOT REPLACE CAPS so I assumed....

I WS'd some of the lavender seed too.

Robin said...

As long as you leave enough days to maturity between corn varieties they shouldn't cross pollinate. Just make sure the first variety will be out of pollen before the second variety is ready to be pollinated.

WS has a lot of misinformation passed along. I think the biggest one is that it was recently invented. It's not new. I started WSing with Girl Scouts 15+ years ago. Beyond that, perennial growers have been doing it for decades. Popularized recently - yes. "Invented" recently - no way.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Thanks for visiting PG! I was given some lavender seeds (Munstead strain, Lavandula augustifolia) and was amazed when they sprouted as I'd understood that they take a long time/are hard to sprout.

They did make it to blooming last year and seem to have done fine so far this winter. I did start them inside with a little clear plastic container upside down over the pot (same WS concept, just inside). The little seedlings even had the nice aroma!

In western WA, our challenge is keeping things from becoming too wet in the winter. I leave the lids on my WS containers through the worst of it, though did do a hole in the lid since they closed up a little tighter than last year. I just pay attention a little more than I would need to otherwise and then take the lids off later in the spring.

Love all the great gardening information you are sharing! I love the blog connections around the world! - Paula

Tina said...

Hiya Gina! Thanks for dropping by.
It's nicer when someone can tell you step by step instead of guessing, huh? (like your GB) I think gardeners just assume that most people know, ya know? And how would someone who doesn't know, know? lol.
I really hope the lavender works for you - keep us updated when you get sprouts!

Robin, thanks for stopping in!
I'd have to find a wicked short DTM variety as we have such a short growing season for corn here. We barely make a harvest as it is. Honestly, from September til June, I hate where I live!
I agree with you that WS sure as heck isn't new - my grandmother was doing it with propped mason jars for years. Really wish I had paid more attention to everything she did gardenwise. But, anything that gets people excited about growing something, I'm ALL for!

Paula, thanks for dropping in!
I visit PG all the time - you just don't know it. lol
See, now I understood that lavender were easy germs! I'm trying to start them the same way: inside, plastic top on a container as my WS and inside tries last year were both a bust. Maybe the seed is just too old now, I don't know. I'm giving a different brand a try this time.

Jeesh! - I'm so sorry I assumed you didn't know about the caps! I sometimes forget that not everyone has our crappy winter weather. I think I'll remove my foot from my mouth now...

Trudi_D said...


WS is a method, it certainly wasn't invented but is an innovation. I have NEVER EVER said invented and I really would like some proof to go with the claim that I said it was invented. The use of recyclables with vented lids is the key to the success--you don't need anything special and the lids keep out weed seeds, bugs, birds, prevent seed washouts in storms, etc.

Unfortunately, there is a large amount of misinformation about WSing because it spreads by word of mouth; when people pass on info they don't say to first check WinterSown.Org or the GW FAQs I wrote a long time ago before I built WinterSown.Org. I have always said that the containers all need venting--there's lots of photos that show the caps off or other containers with vented lids.

I wrote in a lot of leeway because I want people to do it their own way, but I never want people to do it the wrong way--an unvented container is a disaster when the sun warms the air inside and superheats the seeds or seedlings.

This is a direct quote from my essay "How to Winter Sow Seeds Outdoors" ~

"Now you need to put the lid on BUT FIRST.........and this is the very most important step.......take the knife and poke several slits in the clear plastic lid. This is for air transpiration. Think about it, you're making a little mini greenhouse. If you don't vent the air that is heated by the sun you'll cook your flat and the seeds won't germinate. You've baked them to death. Okay, put the lid on secure by folding down the foil rim. Now the seeds are sown."

Trudi Davidoff

Christine said...

I haven't had any problem starting lavender seeds, but I use those strophome things from Gardener's Supply Company. I have been using them for something like 5 years now.

Tina said...

Hey there, Christine.
Lucky you! I really don't understand what the problem is with me and lavender. I can germ anything - except lavender!
I'm trying again with a completely different brand, so cross your fingers for me.