Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh, My Gosh...

The coleus are coloring up already! They only have 1 set of true leaves and are the sloooowest growing plant I've ever started from seed (OK, might be a toss-up with the rodos and azaleas), but they have the most beautiful pinky/maroon coloring beginning to fill in with the lime green edging. Maybe they will look a lot like their mom after all.

The things that make me happy!


Christine said...

I am so jealous, where did you get rodo. and aza. seeds from? I've read you mention about them before, but I have restrained myself from asking. I just can't stand it anymore!

Tina said...

Hiya Christine!
I got my seed from the Willow Garden in Canada:
but they don't mail to the US anymore.
You can get azalea seed from the ASA after May 1:
The ARS will have seed available some time in May:
It might be worth a try putting a message in the gardenweb seed exhchange. And there's always ebay. lol. Though I don't know if I'd trust the seed there so much.
I sure hope you find some! They are definitely a test of patience.