Thursday, November 15, 2007

Our Missing Person

It has been 21 years since anyone last saw my sister-in-law, Ronnieta. I've never even had the chance to meet her.

She failed to show up at the airport for a flight from Hawaii to Texas. It's as if she fell off the face of the earth.

No one can fully understand the pain and frustration of a family when someone they care about disappears until it happens to one of their own loved ones. 21 years is a long time, but we aren't going to give up on her. Ever.

It has been one heck of a journey with many disappointments along the way. You get a hint of a lead and it ends up at a dead end. It's a new heartbreak every time we hit a wall.

Someone out there knows something, and they may not even know they know.

We think this picture was taken sometime around 1982 and she'd be 39 now. Take a good, long look at this cute face. Have you seen a woman who may have looked like her as a teenager? Maybe you know someone who would have known, or knows her?

Maiden name: Ronnieta Sue Kitchen

Birth Date: 7/31/1968

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dirty blond
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Last seen: Near Hickam Air Force base O'ahu, Hawaii in 1986
Age now: 39
We're still looking, Ronnie! We won't give up on you. We understand if you don't want to be found, but please let one of us know you're OK. We all miss you and think of you every day.

Update: Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Pam Cadiente said...

My name is Pam Cadiente and I work for the Dept. of the Medical Examiner in Honolulu. I am writing to you with regard to your post of Ronnieta Kitchen. Please call our office ASAP at 808-768-3090 or send me an email at If I am not available when you call, please ask to speak with an investigator.
Our office looks forward to hearing from you.
Pam Cadiente

Tina said...
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Tina said...

Thank you, so very much, for getting in contact with us. Still waiting for your email.