Friday, November 16, 2007

Gardenscape Tools Contest

Gardenscape Tools is having another contest.

Who can enter? "If you can dig and type, you can enter!"

Just give them an answer to this question: "My favourite thing about gardeing with my kids is ... "
The prizes:
First PrizeA pair of Felco ergonomic pruners - choice of F8 (right-handed) or F9 (left-handed) - the Cadillac of pruners
Second PrizeA Felco Folding Saw - new handle design makes it the most comfortable saw on the market.
Third PrizeFiskars MicroTip Shears - perfect for deadheading.

The answers to some of the previous contest questions really got me giggling.

Q; "I won't do that again! (garden related please)"
A: -"I won't roto-till the garden without the wife's permission, especially when she already planted it.

Q: "My idea of art in the garden is ... "
A: " the fine profile of my husband's behind, as he bends to pull a weed or two.

Lots of those contest questions would make great topic starters this winter. Hmmmm....

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