Saturday, November 17, 2007

First Real Snow

Well, this is rather depressing. I know I should expect it, but it still stinks when it finally starts to accumulate in earnest.

Other parts of the country are gazing out their windows and spying bright spots of autumn color here and there - I'm glancing out the window and thinking of 'A Christmas Carol'. It always bums me out. Had at least 2" overnight and still coming down.

Black ice and accidents everywhere. I shouldn't be surprised about that either. People forget how to drive on the white crap, so with the first good snowfall that sticks to the road, or the appearance of the damn black ice makes for lots of slipping and sliding and slamming on the brakes. Which, of course, is the totally wrong thing to do. But people forget it's so very different to drive in these conditions. They'll get better as the weather gets worse, but for now, the rollover, ditch plops and fender-bender reports keep rolling in.

The static across the 'weather-know' airways is that we may get slammed pretty good starting the night before Thanksgiving. Man, I hope not! There are way too many people on the roads then.

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