Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ronnieta Update

We've been searching for 23 years for my sister-in-law, Ronnieta. I'd plastered her info all over the net, anywhere I could find, any missing persons forum available, Hawaii bulletin boards, Washington missing persons FBI database. You name it and I probably posted on it - I had a friend physically searching in Hawaii and I did a post about her in 2007.

Unfortunately, we got word from Hawaii on Tuesday, July 21st that she'd passed away unexpectedly at age 40.

No one could understand how sad we are that this is the way she was finally found. Honestly, even a week later, we're still in shock. I'm really feeling guilty over the thought that maybe I could have done more - somehow. Maybe I missed some info somewhere, or could have posted more, found more boards, or I skipped over something that I thought wasn't important at the time that might have changed everything.

Information keeps dribbling in about what she's been up to all these years and about her daughter. Her close friends have been in contact (Thank you Dale, Sandy and Jeannie!). We still have a few to get ahold of yet, but we can't afford to continue calling just now.

Her friends have set up a memorial near where she was staying. I don't know about anyone else, but that makes me feel better.

Personal papers and pictures are on the way to us from some wonderful people out there, but for now we're in limbo.

There are lots of inklings we'd had of what went on in her early life that are being confirmed, and lots of new mysteries presenting themselves. It's hard to move forward with everything when you haven't gotten all of the needed information yet. (and you don't want do disclose what you know for fear of that info being told to people that have no need to know it - ever!) Unfortunatley, mouths run whether you'd like them to or not, so for now we're in silence mode. What we know stays with us. Period.

Now it's waiting, piecing bits and parts together, waiting on more info from her close friends and making small decisions. It's a little hard to get everything thought out when one person thinks they're in charge of all the decision making for the other siblings when they don't have all the facts. The 'we' of 3 seems to have dribbled to 'we' of 1. NOT cool!

Hopefully someone will come to their senses and it will all work itself out. As it stands now, D and I are just very sad and really miffed.

It turned out to be such a sad, sad ending that I can't seem to rap my brain around the fact that there is one.
Rest in peace, Ronnie, and know that many people loved you. Very, very much.


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Nascar Chick said...

Ah sweetie, dont do this to urself please, its not ur fault and im gonna do everything in muh power to help in ANY way i can 4 u and urs..anything u need sweetie jus let me no,a great thing came from this, i met u!! but only through a great tragedy...u need me im here always...Aloha ur friend Jennifer..