Friday, December 22, 2006

The Real Global Warming

Many people are under the assumption that global warming means just that - warming. Unfortunately, it doesn't.

I know, strange topic considering this is the first time since sometime in the 1800's that Central Park hasn't seen snow this far into December.

What the term Global Warming does actually mean is a colder climate. Strangely, how cold it gets will depend on how warm it gets. If the ice caps continue to melt at the present rate, a mini ice age that could last hundreds of years may happen within the next decade.

As more and more fresh water is introduced, (which is less dense than salt water) the Atlantic's Great Ocean Conveyor which drives the Gulf Stream will move slower and slower, eventually possibly stopping, leaving tropical air and water where it is instead of pumping it north.
Studies have shown that the surface water of the Greenland sea is dropping 20% slower than it was 30 years ago, and warm ocean current flow toward northwest Europe has declined by 30% since the 1950s.

Some scientists believe that right now we are really out of what is a 'normal' climate for the earth, that it's regular cycle naturally has much colder climates and we are currently enjoying a warmth phenomenon. Aren't we the lucky ducks?

So, the term 'Global Warming' doesn't mean we'll get warmer, but it does mean we'll get colder.
The movie Day After Tomorrow wasn't so far-fetched after all, except that it will take decades instead of days.

Global Warming = ice. So, when someone says Global Warming, I get the urge to dig out the parka. I wish the scientists would stop talking about it and change the dang terminology already.

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