Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy, Happy Birthday...Baby...

Happy Birthday to my baby! My youngest is 15 today.
Where did the time go?

I remember when she was only six months and a lady in the mall was chasing her toddler everywhere. She stopped at the stroller to peer in, muttered, "She's adorable," and continued to scurry. The next time her son came streaking by like lightening and giggling his little head off at the fact mom was unsuspectingly sucked into his game again, I mumbled how I couldn't wait for my daughter to start walking.

The woman gave me the most confused look, snickered and said, "You'll be sorry you said that!"
I simply smiled and didn't mention that I already had 3 at home that had been walking for quite a while.

I never understood that really. I never minded the chasing, putting things up high, keeping a sharp eye on the older childrens' toys less they end up in pieces on the floor from a youngers curiosity, locking cupboards with those childproof widgets that really never worked anyway.

I've enjoyed my children's childhoods immensely. Every single aspect of them. Ok, so the trip to the principle's office with my oldest wasn't so peachy-keen, or the runs to the emergency room, but you can't have everything.

So, happy, happy birthday D! May your life be everything you wish. You'll always be my baby!


Colleen said...

Oh my God. I can't even think about mine being fifteen! They'll be two and three at the beginning of January, and I'm already wondering where the time went. Like you, I was thrilled when my kids started walking, even though several people told me I would wish otherwise when it happened. They're fun, and I can't imagine life without them. Fifteen....yikes :-)

Sissy said...

AWWW! Happy Birthday!!
December babies grow to be intelligent and insightful folks, I must say!!