Friday, November 03, 2006

Zone Envy

The white stuff - it came sneakily in the night. Rats! The scientists lie. Global warming? Puh-leesse! They can skip up here and freeze their little nutters off, then give me the 'That's not what we mean' lecture.

I hate snow and cold. Hate it, loath it, wish it would slime itself permanently to the roasty realm beneath my feet.

You upper-zoners (I really want to call you something else, but that would be rude, now, wouldn't it?) really have it made. Sun, palms and 80 degrees in January. Ugh!

Snow isn't pretty, it's frozen (FROZEN!) freaking rain. It's the pits.

And then I start thinking, "But I can grow so much stuff they can't!" I guess this is suppose to make me feel better...

Can I say 'jealous'?


Apple said...

I'd happily trade my hostas for anything tropical! (And I love hostas) I, too, hate snow and it's coming down hard right now.

sewobsessed said...

did you end up with lots? Ours melted! Yay!