Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm Blind!

Ok, not really, but I don't remember the sun being so bright! Wow, has it been that long since I've seen it?

I can't get on Garden Voices for some reason, which means I can't get my daily fix. Ugh! 'page cannot be displayed, page cannot be displayed'. Just gimme the damn thing already!

One of the woodpeckers flew into my glass doors today. I thought he'd killed himself. I was so upset! Then D noticed he was breathing, so I quickly grabbed a shoe box and some tissue. The poor thing! He was so floppy, and I was trying to be so careful. I certainly didn't want him stabbing me with that beak of his. Of course, Des wanted me to bring him in the house and I had to explain to her that if he came-to in the house he'd just fly right into the window again trying to get out.

His poor mate was so confused! She wasn't sure whether to hang out and protect him or get while the getting was good. She didn't fly far and kept a vigilant eye on me while I was nestling him in the box.

It took him a while and a bit of head shaking to really come around, but he finaly did and flew a few feet away to the maple and his waiting mate. I think he was still a bit fuzzy and it took him quite a while, even with her prodding him, to get with the program.

Poor thing! I hope he wasn't too traumatized and will return soon. I bet he'll know better next time.


Colleen said...

LOL--poor little guy. Well, that'll teach him :-)

Okay, so I'm not the only one unable to get on Garden Voices. I'll have to satisfy myself with the blogs on my blogroll for now. It's just so much faster going to Garden Voices....

Have a good weekend!

Sissy said...

You know, I couldn't post a comment at Bob's blog all day. Something must be up. You hate to complain because the blogger is free...but go ahead and do it anyways, I won't mind!!!

Carol said...

I also couldn't get to Garden Voices all weekend! And, I had some bird fly into my window, too, but it is too cold and I have a cold, so I didn't get up off my duff and go check on the poor birdie. I hope it was okay!