Tuesday, October 31, 2006

TV Gardens

It started with peeping locally. Yes, I admit, I am a peeper!
Ok, ok I'm a starer. How can you not? People have the most interesting gardens.

There is a large property not too far from us that has the most beautiful pond. Granted, it was full of weeds and cattails and the owners had plopped a rickety porch swing on a dilapidated sort-of deck. But still, in my eyes, it was beautiful. I wished for years that they'd actually do something with it.

We passed that pond by accident this summer. I sucked in my breath so fast I almost choked. What they had done! Simply gorgeous! Pond cleaned, waterfall, new deck and furniture, trees, shrubs, sculptures, stone work, mulch, fountain - breathtaking! Absolutely breathtaking.

The car came to an immediate halt. The kids stared, D stared, my eyes got huge and all I could get out was a muttered, "Holy shit."

In one year it had become a magazine cover. Amazing. We've purposely taken the long route around a few times this summer just so we could sit and stare. I wish I had a camera. You really can't get across how absolutely fabulous it is with mere words.

Anyway, I've noticed how my attention has moved to seeing the gardens around me (possibly from sheer boredom?) to gardens on TV. Now, I don't mean those 'We'll show you how to transform your garden to one Cher would be happy with in only 30 minutes with a backhoe and fifty thousand dollars' shows. I mean shows like Wife Swap.

They flit a view of the front or back yards occasionally. My first thought is always, "Why don't they do something with all that space?" Maybe there's a shrub or mum here or there, but it seems mostly chain link fences, lawn or bare sculptures, boulders and water features.

Ok, so quit your screaming at me through the screen! I realize that everyone on earth doesn't share my gardening passions. Or maybe they don't have the time, money or energy. If you're a farmer, well, there just aren't enough hours in the day. One paycheck and 11 kids, not enough money. Laundry, dishes, housecleaning, job, cooking - not enough energy.

I notice people's lawns everywhere on TV now. And they really are everywhere. I love Junk Brothers, but I usually only notice peoples' lawns when they drop the stuff off. When did I really start paying attention?

But I get it. I really do get it. There is a certain element missing for these people that have bare lawns. But I still can't help wishing they'd just do something.



Sissy said...

Keep peeping!
Happy Halloween!

Sissy said...

I would like to put a link to your blog on mine, would that be OK?

sewobsessed said...

Sissy, I couldn't stop if I wanted to. lol. And yes, and I've already added you ;)