Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Gift of Gardening

We all do it. We at least try to do it. We so want to do it. It is free after all and what is better to spread? We hope it's contagious and the person we infect goes on to infect someone else. We're fanatical about it. We want to take over the world. Muahahaha!

Ok, back to reality. Every gardener would love to give the gift of gardening to someone who doesn't, uh, wether they show interest or not. lol. We're not normally pushy people, we just like to share.

I'd love to start a 'pay it forward' campaign. Give someone 3 plants, they have to give one of those plus 2 more to someone else, who in turn gets to keep 2 and pass on one they were given plus 2 more. Ok, as schemeing goes, you can see how I pretty much stink at it, because really, what's in it for them? (We know the answer)

I really do wonder if I could suck more people in by giving them plants as gifts though. What would a non-gardener do with it? Would they let it shrivel up and die? Water it once a week but otherwise forget it exists? Or find they really can grow things and didn't know it? Everyone wants the freshest produce they can buy, but what if you showed them they can get the freshest thing there is right from their own back yard?

Nevermind, I already know the answer: "I don't have time to garden!"

Besides, who am I kidding - I can't even manage to get my own kids sick with that bug. (It's not like I haven't purposely tried to sneeze it on 'em!) Hey, it was just a thought.

Would you give a plant as a gift even if you knew the person didn't garden? Oh, the possibilities!


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Colleen said...

I love the idea of your pay it forward campaign. As far as trying to lure non-gardeners in...sometimes it works. My mother-in-law is not exactly a green-thumb, and until recently her idea of gardening was shearing all of her shrubs into perfect globes. A couple of years ago, for Mother's Day, I gave her several divisions of perennials from my garden: phlox, siberian iris, and bearded iris. At first, she took care of them because she was just determined not to kill something we'd given her. Now that she's had them for a while, she's enjoying their beauty, and always asking me if I have any more divisions for her. That's become her regular mom's day gift from us now.

So, it can happen---but you might have to try it on family first :-)

Sissy said...

In the Spring, we will have to do a little exchange, Tina!
It's not as charitable as your idea of pay it forward, but we both end up with new plants...
What do you think??!!

sewobsessed said...

I already started with family :) I give my Step-Mom a plant at least once a year for birthday, Mom's Day, whatever. Though she's a 'sorta' plant person already, so not much of a challenge and I suppose that doesn't count. lol. Good on ya for accosting your MIL!

Oh, I'd love to, but can't afford the postage. :( Have you read any of the exhange forums over on Garden Web? Though I can't afford the trades, I love to browse and drool! They're the ones that got me into Winter Sowing. Good thing, cause I wouldn't have had any plants at all this summer otherwise! Give 'em a try-you might find something listed that you'd love to have!