Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hurrah, It Rained!

It has been over a month since we've had any measurable rain here. The storms that have been rolling across the state have all broken up and slipped around us. It is very strange to be able to see the clouds completely surrounding you and rain falling only a few miles away, but look straight up and see bright, blue sky! Of course, they're measuring and reporting the rain totals at the cities that are those few miles away and when I hear them say we've had a good rain I want to shout, "Bullcrap! Maybe you did!"

I really, really shouldn't complain since last year was the 'year without a summer', but it seems as if the last ten years have either been feast or famine when it comes to the weather.

But, it finally rained yesterday! I was worried we'd get a deluge and it would just roll across the soil without soaking in because the ground was like cracked concrete, but it turned out rather well. We had a nice gentle start and a quick burst of downpour, then it quit. So, it was perfect for the next bout of rain that moved through a few hours later to be absorbed beautifully.

Surprisingly, with the exception of a few crispy edged leaves on the hostas, everything I didn't break down and water seems to have weathered the dry period rather well. The plants all look so perky and happy today!

Oh, and I think our corn grew at least a foot overnight. Well, so did the weeds (but we won't speak of it!). lol.

Happy (no more drought) Growing!


Kyna said...

That's exactly how I felt the other day when it rained. Ours WAS a deluge. I still think some of it oaked in though. I've never been so happy to see a raindrop as I am this year.

Tina said...

the weather is just nutso this year! But, I think we say that every year when it doesn't go along as we wish it would. lol. I think it's about the only thing the government hasn't found a way of controlling, though I imagine they're trying!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you we had some rain one day last week but need a lot more!
I've had to water all round the plot twice a week for ages now, and some plants in between times as well.
We're starting to lift potatoes now and the lack of water shows in the relatively small yields. It's been a difficult year for some vegetables that's for sure!
Happy gardening! Flighty xx

Tina said...

I'm sorry! Lugging water is the pits!
I'm surprised you're harvesting potatoes already. I'll cross my fingers to send some rain your way as since I posted about it, it hasn't stopped! lol.