Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm On Gina's 'Virtual Garden Tours'

I'm a little (ok, a lot) excited.
Gina, over at My Skinny Garden, came up with the awesome idea of hosting what she calls "Virtual Garden Tours" so she and her blog readers could get to know their fellow bloggers and their gardens a little better through a survey and pictures.

And she asked me to participate! :)

It was hard to pick out any pictures that would even get close to showing the scale we garden on, but I think I did ok. Maybe? I wish I'd had some better ones to send (it's hard to keep the pot ghetto and weeds out of the frame and the garden wasn't looking so hot after the mini-drought), but I did my best, and it was quite fun!

So, if you're even a little bit curious or interested, head on over and read (and drool over some fab pics) about a few of your fellow bloggers (including moi!) and their gardens. If you'd like to be part of it, Gina has an email at the bottom of each gardener's tour to contact her.

Thanks again for the invite, Gina. The Tours was a fab idea!


Chiot's Run said...

Great to see you over there!

Ann Flowers said...

I just recently discovered your blog and am so glad I did. What a sweet post!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the tour! It took a bit longer to go round your garden than it does my plot, which is only 30 by 60 feet! Flighty xx

Tina said...

Thanks! :)

very, very glad to have you here!

But you don't have as much to deal with, so I guess there's a bright spot! Maybe you should host 'Virtual Plot Tours'? Yes? That'd be awesome!