Thursday, July 15, 2010


I was completely surprised by the comments to this post on Thriftcore: Not Buying it- Could You Go 1 Year Without Shopping?

Seriously? They couldn't do it?
I'm sorta shocked.
Let me explain why.
I don't shop for anything except necessities. Period. (ok, that's leaving out clearance plants/seeds - they're my indulgence).
This is exactly how I've lived for 25 years, so I really am having trouble wrapping my brain around someone not being able to make it for one lousy year. Although, it probably helps a lot that I absolutely hate, hate shopping!

Seriously, if you have growing children, this probably isn't going to happen. They need clothes, toys, school supplies, etc. (honestly, how could you tell a child they couldn't have a new toy for their birthday? Or would that be under the 'necessity' list?)

We never go out except for free bingo every now and then, we don't buy clothes (I make most, or get them as gifts for Christmas/birthday and simply make them last, but haven't bought anything besides underwear in years and I make most of those, too), I can't even remember the last time I ate at a restaurant. The last movie I saw at a theater was "The Fly II" in 1989, which I won free tickets for. I cut my own hair or have a friend do it and I've always done the rest of the fams myself. I own 3 pairs of shoes - a pair of heels for weddings/funerals, one pair of sneakers that has lasted me five years and one pair of dollar shop flip-flops for wearing around the house/garden. My friends and I have always swapped/hand-me-downed baby and kids clothes. We might treat ourselves to McD's or BK once a year, but other than that we don't even buy fast food.

It is so weird to me to think that it'd be a challenge for most people to go a year living like I do every day.

I wonder how long it would take these people to start pulling their hair out if they had to swap lives with me? Seriously.

I should write a book for these people on how to live just like poor people do and make a million!
lol ;)
Could you go one year without buying anything but necessities?


Anonymous said...

I'm rethinking my standard of living. I think I'm basically living off nothing...but you are inspiring me to believe that I really am pretty indulgent. I need to spend $50 on sushi?

Tina said...

Hi, Liz,
I don't begrudge anyone who can honestly afford things that they really like or want buying them, I just think people can do better if they really consider what they're buying before they fork over the cash.
Do people really need a closet full of clothes they'll never wear or don't really need but simply buy it because they want to? We are such a wasteful society.
As for the sushi - I've never spent $50 on a meal in my entire life. Not even for 4 people. lol, it would make me nauseous to hand over that much when I know I could get at least a weeks worth of meals for the 4 of us with that! But, if you can afford it and like it, why not?