Monday, May 03, 2010

Who Knew?

Some cool things going on this week...

From 35F and pictures of snow in my yard to 84F in the span of three days - Who knew!?
I'm soooo not complaining. It's gorgeous, it's about time, and we deserve it, damn it!

Airborne Adventures is already up and flyin' around our house for the season - Who knew!?

(I didn't get to the camera quick enough before it got away!)

Icicle Pansies really will overwinter in my crappy zone 5 - Who knew!?


Jumping spiders love graham crackers - Who knew!?
Apologies to the squeamish, I like spiders :)


And I didn't get a pic, but I held the first black swallowtail of the year. I think he may have recently emerged because the flight muscles weren't working so well yet and he was in an area where I'd thrown last fall's dead stalks of parsley and fennel. I never even remembered to check in the fall before I cleaned up! (this is why I usually leave my yard such a mess all winter) Sadly, he eventually took flight.
I have never seen Black Swallowtails this early in the year. The first of May? Really? - Who knew!?

Happy (who knew!?) Growing!


Deborah said...

That's what I love about gardening. There are always surprises. I'm not sure how the balloon fits into all of that, but it's a nice surprise anyhow.

I love the spider picture. I'll have to see if mine like graham crackers too.

Tina said...

Hey there, Deborah,
I think the garden is the only place I DO like surprises.
The balloon was a surprise because the weather around here in late April and early May is so erratic, rainy, windy, etc, that they usually don't start flying until almost June.