Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I Want To CRY!

I adore the country. I absolutely love it.
My parents lived in town, but I spent a good ninety percent of my childhood on my grandparents' dairy farm.
I had the best experiences of my life running across open fields, squeezing cow plops between my toes (what?!), learning to grow things, care for animals - both wild and domestic - breathing the fresh, clean air.

Wide open space was exactly THE reason DH and I decided to buy the old homestead. It was built back in the 1700's and began as an apple orchard before it became a working dairy farm. The land has been sold off in chunks to other farmers over the last few years to be used for pasture or crops, but there is still lots and lots of open space, the nearest neighbor a farmer a quarter mile away (and related).

This is the view across the road from my front yard, from one side to the other:





And this is what suddenly showed up the other day:



Oh. My. God.
The only thing I can imagine is some big freaking housing development or a f-ing Wally World sitting directly across the road.
It's being sold by the acre = Neighbors?! I don't WANT no stinking neighbors! They ruin everything. They just do. People are NOT smart. And they have dogs, and kids, and pesticides, and weed killers, and invasives. If I wanted to live in the hood, I would have bought a house there!
Will one of you gardeners please, please (oh, God, I'm begging you!) buy it!

I want to cry! I think I'll go do just that, right now . . .

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Laura said...

I can see why you want the views to stay the same. Well, here's hoping it bought by someone wanting to work the land! To much farmland is disappearing theses days.