Friday, March 26, 2010

Dominique Browning - Losing It

An excellent article by Dominique Browning, the former editor of House & Garden magazine:
Losing It


Laurrie said...

I have always loved reading Dominique Browning. Her book Paths of Desire is one of my favorite garden books; it describes the house and garden she now writes about leaving. Thanks for bringing this article to our attention!

GloriaBonde said...

I am so sorry about your pond. What happened? I too have a pond and the fish are pets. They come to my voice. I am so sorry about losing your pet. I've upgraded my pond 3 times. Tons of work, but I think I learned each time. Last time I thought I would be neat to rock the pond from the inside. Not a good idea. So a couple of days ago we drained it and removed the rocks from the inside. Like you said, another door opens and I am adding some raised beds :)

Tina said...

thanks for dropping in and you're welcome!

Hi, Gloria,
thanks for popping by!
The poor pond - the wood behind the liner finally rotted away and the winter was so harsh this year that it just finished it off for good. Yeah, rocks in the pond - not so good. But, they always get better as we go :) Good luck with the raised beds!