Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh. My. God.


We put the lower pond in 10 years ago. This last winter was just too much for it:


Oh, man! This is going to be so much work to get back together. ~sigh~
Lesson to y'all = Make sure you use concrete blocks if you're going to install a rubber liner.
Yes, we knew better, but they weren't/aren't in the budget.

This is how pretty it used to look -


The upper pond was put in almost 20 years ago and is still looking pretty solid.


We transferred the fish to the upper pond, but the stress of the move was just too much for them. We're left with 4 orfe and 1 koi. My heart is broken - we lost my favorite, Miss Sweet Pea.


:( These weren't just pretty fish, they were our pets.

Every time one door closes, another opens (or so they say), so I guess it's time for that redesign we've been thinking about.
What better time than now, eh?

We'll be moving the waterfall and also the little stream, which also means the flowerbed will be expanded. Since I've been looking into getting Wakin fish for years (they're expensive and the closest place we've found that sells them is in Pennsylvania), maybe we'll just eek out the work on this and leave it empty for a while. The Wakins can handle our severe winters without a second thought and losing our koi just makes me want to throw up. I can't go through that again.

This year, so far, has started out so crappy! I'm hoping summer doesn't follow suit.
It's going to be a perfect growing year, right? RIGHT?

Happy (redesign) Growing!

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