Friday, February 05, 2010

Taking Stock of Seeds

I finally completely sorted through my seed inventory.
I've been putting it off for a while.
See, the problem is that once I start rummaging through the stash, I want to start sowing everything. And now.
Yeah, I know it's not time way up here in the great white snow belt, but there's just something about the irresistible draw of those packets. Knowing there are beautiful green plants inside those itty-bitty packages called seeds, pulls something ancestral from deep inside. It's simply a miracle.
There be beauty and food in them-thar packets!
Best of all, starting from seed is so easy!


I'm not out of control yet. Besides, who can resist those end-of-year sales when they're marked down to 2 cents a pack? They always germinate exceptionally well, especially if you store them properly, and I never buy anything we won't eat, because really, what's the sense of that?
Thank goodness I have room to plant . . . most of them.

And how do I know when to start what?
Right here: Grow Guide.
Now, how easy is that thing?

Most of the flowers will be Winter Sown soon (I only have 16 jugs out there!), annuals much closer to spring, though.

I'll also be dragging out and assembling our homemade light stand pretty quick to start the onions.

I can't believe I'm so organized this year. Now, if Ma Nature will just cooperate with the weather this coming summer. She's slacked really badly the last few years and left us with ridiculously difficult growing conditions.

Your Seed - Bounty or Bare Bones

(yeah, I know 'hoarder' is spelled wrong, but I'm not going through all that again)
2010 growing season - here we come!

Happy (seed sowing) growing!


Flighty said...

I'm growing around 12 each different flowers and vegetables so why have I got some 70 packets of seeds. Well there's four varieties of beetroots and sunflowers then... No I won't go on...!
What fun it all is! Flighty xx

Autumn Belle said...

Tina, you do have a good collection of seeds. In my area, it is difficult to find good quality seeds. Moreover, it is cheaper to buy seedlings here.

Tina said...

Hiya, Flighty,
thanks for stopping in!
Ahaha...I know what you mean!
You have 70 packets because . . . you really, really need them!

Hi, Autumn Belle,
thanks for dropping in!
I'm kind of shocked that it's cheaper for seedlings for you than seeds! You probably have more trouble than it's worth to get seeds shipped to you over there?