Monday, February 01, 2010

Silly Cannas!

I checked on my stored Cannas today that I had started from a few seeds many years ago.
Yes, they multiply like rabbits, and I am so not complaining.
Silly things! Don't they know February is much too early for them to be doing this in zone 5?
It's usually March/April before I see much growth or any signs they're waking up.


Well, at least I know they're still alive.

Happy (early sprouting) growing!


noel said...

aloha, those cannas always love to do a jump start, if you have light why not pot them in some soil? although they do grow quickly when they are in the ground so there's no need unless you want more divisions for the following year !

Amy said...

I really like cannas and have some in my garden. I can keep mine in the ground..we live in Austin.

Tina said...

Hey there, Noel,
thanks for dropping by!
Unfortunately, it's much too early to pot them up way up here in the great white north snow belt - they just don't do well inside without enough real sun and heat. The soil won't be warm enough for them to do anything outside for at least another 5 months. I'll end up having to chop off all the new growth when I do eventually pot them so they can start over when it's time.

Hi there, Amy,
thanks for stopping in!
I'm jealous that you guys get to leave lots of things in the soil. Everything here turns into an ice cube! lol.