Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Countin' 'Em - NOT!

, there is The Great Houseplant Census of 2010 going on.
Plant countage.
But, I can't do it. I just can't!
I can't bring myself to count hundreds upon hundreds of plants.
It would totally blow my non-reality that I don't have that many.
I don't! Right?
No one can ever have too many plants. (or seeds for that matter, but that is so totally a different non- reality)
Why would she want to be so cruel as to burst this happy little dream bubble of denial I live in?

Do people count how many candies there are in a bag of M&Ms? Or how many blades of grass are in their lawn? How many blossoms the dogwood gets? So, see - I'm being completely and totally sensible! I'm very good at rationalizing any argument I have with myself.

Which reminded me about a counting post I did 3 years ago - "I Will Not Walk That Path To Hell" - about garden book counting. Go ahead and count yours - I dare ya.

Geez, now I'm all stressed and can't even look my plants in the eyes leaves. Which means I'll pretty much be staring at my toes all day.

So, thanks,



gittan said...

I won't count eather, I wouldn't dare =) for the same reason as you / gittan

ChickenFreak said...

Hee. This is one area where I don't have a problem - I cannot keep potted plants alive. Ever. I have precisely _one_ survivor, and he doesn't look so good.

No, wait - two. But the second one is a blackberry. I don't think that I get credit for keeping a blackberry alive; the accomplishment would be in managing to kill one.

Now, plants in the _ground_, I'm not counting those. Not even by category.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Aww, I was all excited. I could have held you up as an example to show that my paltry 15 really is just a drop in the bucket. Thanks for link love, anyway.

Tina said...

Hi, Gittan,
thanks for dropping by!
I'm glad I'm in good company :)

Hey there, ChickenFreak,
thanks for stoppin in!
Ummm, maybe that should be the next count? It would probably take most people years to count how many they have in the ground! Ready - go! lol.
Oh, and thanks for today's post inspiration.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter,
thanks for dropping by!
lol, you do NOT want to use me as an example...serious OCD plant psychosis here.
Besides, I think 15 is a nice, manageable amount!

Kyna said...

For some reason, everytime I see your blog name pop up, my eyes see the words 'Happy Hobbit' LOL. Which delights me, even though that's not your blog name.

Great post!

Tina said...

Hey, Kyna,
thanks for dropping in!
Yeah, i hear that a lot. lol - Tolkien probably wouldn't be proud...