Thursday, January 14, 2010

Someone Stop Me!

Here I was, all happy that I'd saved up some money to buy potting mix so I could start my Winter Sowing (I'm not really a slacker on the getting started - just jobless and broke) and I fell flat on my face.

My first mistake - setting foot inside a Lowe's.

My second mistake - setting foot in the plant clearance aisle.


I have about 100 houseplants. Really, I don't (don't!) need more.

But, there they were, all those sad, neglected, tortured, desperate to go home with someone that wouldn't abuse them plants.

I tried to turn around and not even check prices, I really did.
All right, so I have no self control when it comes to plants. None, nada, zip.
Telling my kids no doesn't seem to be as much of a problem as telling a plant no does. (yes, I talk to my plants - don't you?) Interesting, since kids talk back in that whiney voice and plants just sit there.
Lonely. Too dry. Drowning. Broken. Half their soil missing. In a drainless pot. Roots exposed. Rocks glued to the soil. No light. Sitting in the freezing drafts from the door.

See! not so easy to just turn your back on something that is crying out for help, is it?

I caved. There's no excuse for it. I just . . . did.

2 large hanging pots of ivy 'starling' for a buck each. (I know, I know, but I have a ridiculous weakness for ivy)
1 NOID dieffenbachia for a buck. (I think it's 'Sparkles')
2 moon cactus for 10 cents each.


Back to the drawing board to save up the pennies for the potting mix.

God, please help me to keep my eyes averted from the clearance aisle when I go to get the bag of mix or I may come home with more plants instead.

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