Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gardeners' World: Back to 'Grown-up Gardening'

Well, hallelujah! They're finally getting the picture.
Well, ok, in the UK at least. Then again, they're always way ahead of us in the gardening world. :)

Gardeners' World is to return to "proper, grown-up gardening" after its youthful relaunch proved a ratings failure. Gardeners’ World is going back to basics, cutting the existing hour-long format in half and re-focusing on serious gardening as opposed to 'gimmickry', says Tim Richardson.

BBC admits new Gardeners' World has flopped

I wish them the best of luck going back to the tried-and-true.
And here's to hoping the few gardening shows we have left over here will quickly follow their example.


Flighty said...

As you know I gave up on this programme but do miss it. I just hope that the new series is back to how it should be!
I'm sorry to see that you've no good gardening shows over there!
Flighty xx

Tina said...

yes, I know you weren't happy with the way they'd done things lately.
As for shows here, well, we have pretty much nothing! Tis very irritating! I keep hoping our programmers over here take a good browse at some of the shows you guys have and maybe give it a try, but alas, our programmers aren't bright enough to do such a thing. lol. Or maybe they're just too greedy and nonsense programs bring in the bucks.