Friday, January 29, 2010

Gardening Trends; What's In And What's Out For 2010

Well, now.

  • 1. Main Street is In. ----------------Wall Street is Out.

  • 2. Edible gardens are In. --------Lawns are Out.

  • 3. Slow Gardening is In. --------Instant gratification is Out.

  • 4. Mindful is In. --------------Bling is Out.

  • 5. Eco-Boosting is In. ------Chemical Dependent Gardens are Out.

  • 6. Multi-tasking is In. -------------Single-Purpose gardening is Out

  • 7. Perennials and Shrubs are In. ---------Divas are Out.

Doesn't look too much different than 2009's, does it?

GMG 2009 Garden Trends

-------What’s In--------------------------------What’s Out
  • 1. Eco-Boosting is In!----------------Conspicuous Consumption is Out
  • 2. Grow It Yourself (GIY) is In-------Doing it ALL for Me is Out
  • 3. Blended gardens are In------------Segregated gardens are Out
  • 4. Locavore is In---------------------Big carbon footprints are Out
  • 5. Water is In-------------------------Water is Out
  • 6. Outside is In-----------------------Inside is Out (But not “out”)
  • 7. Info Lust is In----------------------Lack of Knowledge is Out
  • 8. Quick & Simple is In----------------Over-the-top gardens are Out
  • 9. Global Colors are In-----------------Safe colors are Out
  • 10. Worldly is In-----------------------Cookie-cutter is Out
  • 11. Bubbling is In-----------------------Excess is out

Happy (trendy) growing!


Flighty said...

Most of those look good to me! Flighty xx

Beth said...

Just gone through your Gardening trends for 2010 and found it to be wonderful. Your blog is informative and helpful.

Tina said...

He there, Flighty,
thanks for dropping in!
Honestly, I think they just take last years and tweak them a bit so it looks like something new. lol

Hello, Beth,
thanks for stopping by!
Glad you like it :)

ChickenFreak said...

I keep trying to persuade the Co Gardener of that "lawns are out" thing. He continues to refuse to buy it. Even when I point out that he could have corn.

Tina said...

thanks for dropping by!
See, I don't understand that - if you could have corn, why the heck would you choose more lawn instead? Doesn't make sense? lol