Friday, January 29, 2010

Reprecussions of Seed Bombing

Ok, a disclaimer right off the bat - I am, in no way, advocating seed bombing usage in this capacity.
Laws are such (twistable?) interesting things.

This is part of an article from 'Good':

"So you want to wage peace and seed bomb that abandoned, litter-laden flowerbed on Central Boulevard. But in a disheartening moment of pragmatism, you wonder, "What will happen when the status quo’s lawyers get their hands on me?"

You could become the new property owner!: Counterintuitively, your illegal activities could be a step toward joining the landed gentry. Adverse possession or its cousin, prescriptive easement, may allow you to become the garden’s new owner. This lottery ticket of legal doctrines requires 1.) you must use the land as if you were its actual owner, and gardening it probably counts; 2.) your gardening must be visible for all to see—hoeing in secret won’t do; 3.) you must exclude the true owner, so if you lay down grass, the owner can’t use it for lawn bowling; 4.) your use has to be "adverse" to the true owner—if he gives you permission to be there, you’re not adversely possessing, you’re doing yard work for free; and 5.) you must use the property continuously for a time period prescribed by statute, usually five to 10 years.

It’s a long shot, but if you meet the criteria, the property is yours. "

Ummm . . . 'nuf said, I think.
And, hell yes, I AM thinking about where I can get away with this!

Happy growing! (On that abandoned lot, perhaps?)

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