Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gardening Trends; What's In And What's Out For 2009

Some interesting, but not so surprising, trend data from GMG.
GIY (grow it yourself) is hot. Ummm, duh?

Gardening Goes “Back to the Future” – GIY Style (pdf)

GMG 2009 Garden Trends

-------What’s In--------------------------------What’s Out

  • 1. Eco-Boosting is In!----------------Conspicuous Consumption is Out
  • 2. Grow It Yourself (GIY) is In-------Doing it ALL for Me is Out
  • 3. Blended gardens are In------------Segregated gardens are Out
  • 4. Locavore is In---------------------Big carbon footprints are Out
  • 5. Water is In-------------------------Water is Out
  • 6. Outside is In-----------------------Inside is Out (But not “out”)
  • 7. Info Lust is In----------------------Lack of Knowledge is Out
  • 8. Quick & Simple is In----------------Over-the-top gardens are Out
  • 9. Global Colors are In-----------------Safe colors are Out
  • 10. Worldly is In-----------------------Cookie-cutter is Out
  • 11. Bubbling is In-----------------------Excess is out

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