Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Much Better Weather

The sun finally came out and things are looking better.
More flower beds are going in.

The shed is built. Yay! We've needed one desperately for the last 25 years.
DH came across some used wood someone was getting rid of and, hurrah, it was enough to do the whole thing! Plus a leftover piece for a sorta-deck for the sliding glass doors. The kids, boyfriends/girlfriends and friend showed up to help get it finished. (They thought DH and I were a little to slow on the progress I guess. lol, it was just the two of us, what did they expect?) The friend just hung out and supervised. The kids brought a whole BBQ meal too boot! (I have some great kids, eh?)
In progress.

Finished. Well, except for some paint.

With a little sun and heat, the peppers are looking much, much better! Please ignore all those weeds - it has been way too wet to even walk in there.

The peas are covered with blooms and pods.

The toms have blossoms! Woohoo!

Even the azaleas I grew from seed are looking pretty darn good.


Lynchnis - major color. This poor thing is sooo in the wrong spot for it.

The peach leaf bellflowers are at their best right now.

As are the delphs.
The rose campion is so bright it glows neon.

Anthony waterer spirea is going gangbusters.
The Halward's silver blooms a few weeks before the Anthony, and I neglected to take pics.

The sweet william and stella are doing well. Not sure I like this combo, but it's staying this way for a while.

The slugs have gotten completely out of control with this weather(think hundreds within a few square feet). The beans are half eaten away, the marigolds, zinnias and dahlias are nothing but tiny stumps having had their leaves totally eaten away. I've resorted to starting watermelon and zukes inside to get enough growth on them to survive - the slugs have cleaned out 3 plantings of seed so far. Even the cosmos are fair game. Ugh!
The population seems to have depleted a bit with the sun and being a little drier. Or, maybe because of the salt shaker.
Yes, at this point salting the little bastards is very satisfying.
I take comfort in the fact that I'm not the only one in NY to be suffering through 'the year of the slug' - they seem to have taken over the entire state and parts of Pennsylvania to boot.

Hope all is going well in the garden for everyone!


Flighty said...

What a great looking shed, after 25 years you must be well pleased!
Everything is looking good. I'm sorry to hear about your slug problem, fingers crossed it's not been too bad a year for them here.
Happy gardening! xx

Tina said...

Hiya Flighty!
Yes, very, very pleased.
Here's hoping the slugs don't find their way across the pond. Do you usually have a problem with them?