Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Herbs Of The Year 1995-2015


I thought it might be nice to plant the herb of the year every year (ok, except for 1998 - been there, done that, never doing it again!), but I already have 90% of that list planted. Horseradish? Not doin' that one either. lol.

Herbs of the Year:

1995 Fennel
1996 Monarda
1997 Thyme
1998 Mint
1999 Lavender
2000 Rosemary
2001 Sage
2002 Echinacea
2003 Basil
2004 Garlic
2005 Oregano & Marjoram
2006 Scented Geraniums
2007 Lemon Balm
2008 Calendula
2009 Bay Laurel
2010 Dill
2011 Horseradish
2012 Rose
2013 Elderberry
2014 Artemisias
2015 Savory


Flighty said...

I grow some of these, but really must get some lavender! xx

Tina said...

Hey, Flighty,
Oh, yes, you must!
Lavender is such an awesome herb. This is the first time I've been able to get it to survive the winter so I'm a bit chuffed over it. lol.

Flighty said...

Veg Plotting did this post today about lavender which you may find of interest! xx