Monday, June 08, 2009

The Nightmare Bed

Everyone has one of them.
You know - those flowerbeds that, for multiple reasons, just suck.
This is my major nightmare bed:


I actually took a picture a week ago of how bad it looked, but I must have accidentally deleted it. It was awful! Packed root to root with weeds. It took 4 full days of weeding to get this mess cleaned out and looking decent. Needless to say, I lost tons of plants from this bed this year. Yup, it's my nightmare bed.

This is what it looked like last summer:


It is so bare! It won't be for long, though.

Some random yard pics - because I can! lol. Ignore the weeds, please, there are only so many hours in a day.

Not a very clear picture, but the birds seem to be completely fascinated with the majesty palm. I've tried to catch a pic of them, but the only one that would stay still long enough was this red winged black bird.


The catbirds are back and following me around the yard again. They are so curious! I call them my nosy birdies. (yeah, my neighbors think I'm strange, too). But the catbirds answer me, so it's all good. lol. Of course, I haven't thought of snapping a pic of them.

The real randomness:

Iris and poppies looking better every day. I don't know what variety the iris are, but they smell just like lemons! Seriously! People stop and sniff the air trying to figure out why they smell lemons. :)


The peonie and weigela hedge.


Looking fab! (So, of course, a downpour is due.)


The front (mostly) perennial bed.


The shade bed.


My favorite right now - snow white columbine.


I think it's time to stop taking pics of the yard and get something done . . . like go weed out the beans.


Flighty said...

As you say there's a problem area in every garden!
I like the peonies, my mum loved them and had several in her garden.
We call columbines aquilegias over here and I've got several on my plot, including one white one.
Happy gardening! xx

Tina said...

Hiya, Flighty!
Yeah, I think peonies are one of the best old-fashioned standbys ever. How could anyone not like them (well, when they're in full bloom at least)?
The columbines are called aquilegias over here by a lot of people, too. Mostly by those that insist on the Latin. It's just easier for me to use common name so most people know what I mean.
Hope all is well in the plot!