Monday, March 24, 2008

Snow Geese

What a beautiful sight to see on Easter.
They'd stopped in the corn field in the afternoon and took flight, heading straight north, just before sunset.
I don't think there's another bird more awesome to see in flight soaring over your head.
I haven't seen any for years, so this was quite a treat.


Flighty said...

Lucky you! Geese on the wing are a terrific sight, not that I get to see that here unfortunately.
I call that a magic moment when I see something like that.

Tina said...

Hi, Flighty,
thanks for stopping in. Awww, I'm sorry you don't get to see them.

We had another luck-out yesterday afternoon - snow geese by the thousands!
The whole afternoon was an amazing treat. In the corn field across the road and in a span of only 2 hours - ducks, Canadian Geese, Snow Geese, two Hawks, and a herd of deer. Gobs of Snow Geese (I mean thousands - it looked like long drifts of snow) interspersed with everything else - It was fabulous!

Flighty said...

Lucky again! Much as I'd like to see such sights it's unlikely as it doesn't happen on my doorstep and I rarely travel far nowadays.

Tina said...

Hiya, Flighty,
thanks for dropping by again.
We're a bit confused as it's been three days in a row that masses of them have been using the field. We usually only see a few Canadian Geese stopping there each year, but they may have changed their migrating pattern for some reason now. Tis odd, but I'm not complaining.

Serenity said...

If only you had a camera! :o)
Wow, how unusual... but lucky you for seeing them!
You seeing those geese reminds me of the film Fly Away Home. Watch out for stray eggs Tina or that could be you flying south for the winter!

Tina said...

Hiya, Serenity!
Thanks so much for dropping by.
Yeah, I'm sick of pouting every time I have a perfect opportunity for a fab pic and can't take one.
Maybe one of these days I'll find one at a garage sale or something - hmmm, or maybe my bills will macigally disappear and I can just blow some bucks on a cam? No? Thought not! lol.
Actually, if I found a stray egg, I'd be incubating that sucker. lol. And what would I do with a pet goose? Let's not give the kids ideas (or me), eh?