Tuesday, March 25, 2008

10 Degrees And Tomatoes

Yes, ten degrees. Ten freaking degrees on March 25th. We're suppose to be somewhere around mid forties during the day, but it ain't happenin'.
Global warming, my ass. Yeah, I wish my ass was warm. :)

On the bright side - the sun is shining. Is it a sign when the hubs asks, "What the hell is that strange, bright, shiny, orb thingy in the sky?" I luuurve the sun! Welcome back. (snow is coming but I'm ignoring the forecast - what I don't know, I don't know, ya know?)

The tomatoes are up. Yay!

Large Yellow (came from wintersown.org, so unknown but delicious - according to the fam)
Yellow Pear (some I received in '06. thanks Kim!)
San Marzano (another thanks to Kim)
Ace 55
Large Red Cherry

Ok, so it's weird that I'm psyched over growing tomatoes and don't eat them because I don't like them. Shhh!

I still have to get the buckets washed out. Half will go to my Aunt D. Since her MS is progressing, she can't bend down anymore without falling over. If she sits, she can't get up. So, hopefully the buckets will raise the veg plants up enough that she won't have so much trouble, and if she'll turn one over to sit on (the woman can be so stubborn sometimes!) she should be able to stand back up a little easier without falling over.

The peppers I had to resow (thanks to that dern James Mouse) are germinating. I'm not too concerned. We still have 8 weeks to last frost and I usually don't put them in the ground until a week or two after that, just to be on the safe side. I received a packet of leftover seed last year from one very kind man and there were a few of Parks 'Whoppers' seed included. I tried germinating half of them last year but got nothing and assumed the seed were too old. I tried again with the rest this year and got 2 to germ! I'm excited to see what they'll do.

Everything seems to be doing pretty well. The Hungarian Wax already have little peppers on them. Very cool!

I'm suppose to be hardening off my onions as of April 1 to get in the ground sometime around the 8th. Not gonna happen unless we get some kind of freak heat wave soon. Hey - I can hope!



Christine said...

I wish I could share the warm weather we're having here. My tomatoes are up, and so are my peppers. They are sunning in the greenhouse, where they'll stay for at least another month. I'm like you, I'd rather wait an extra week than cover everything up.

Tina said...

Hiya, Christine,
thanks for stopping in.
I wish you could just blow real hard and give that heat a push this-a-way. lol. I hate winter as it is, but this year it just won't go away!
Yeah, and I'm still jealous of that greenhouse of yours. Just rub it in! lol.

Breanne said...

yeah - it's still colder than normal up here too. I keep watching the snow melt - but the ground is frozen solid, and last night it snowed about 2 inches... sigh.. i think it's because I am so excited about gardening this year...
I have a question about seeds - how long can you keep them for. Some seeds come in packages of so many that you can't possibly use them all in one year - but can you save them for the next year, or will they not germinate as well?

Tina said...

Hiya, Breanne!
Thanks for dropping in!
I think this 'waiting for spring' thing is 10 times worse for gardeners.

About the seed saving - oh, yes! You can save seeds for years and years. I germinated some tomato seed that is 11 years old. I'll pop by your blog about it.