Saturday, March 29, 2008

Enough Is Enough

It's suppose to drop to 8 degrees tonight, negative numbers to the north.

Humans aren't the only ones being affected.

The dog puts one paw on the frozen, snow covered front steps and balks. Apparently, the crap on the ground will outweigh the need to pee every time. She's depressed. She wants to go out and play on some green grass. I know how she feels all balled up in a sighing lump on the floor after staring out the window all day and longing to be able to just find a stick under all that frozen white crap.

I've taken to calling my daughter's bunny (why do they never take animals with them when they move out?) 'Slug'. She's usually so chipper towards spring, but the fresh clover and tender, new grass shoot treats aren't coming at the usual prescribed time this year. She's a depressed bunny. I don't blame her.

And the Koi - just plain ole pissed. Sun - thaw - snow - frozen - sun - thaw. Uhrg!
I'd be pretty miffed if I were them too. I imagine they wonder if the Jap Beetle treats will ever show up this year. Even the Orfe are sluggish when around now is usually the time they're zipping through the water like mini torpedoes in a race for those first bugs of spring.

It's suppose to be 60's on April 1st. Yeah, a real April fools since it's suppose to drop right back down to crap after that. They're hinting at another snowstorm next weekend. The joke is on us.

Poke us all - humans and animals - with a fork, we're done.
Winter can just bite me!


Flighty said...

Winter sure wants to linger over there this year. I don't blame the dog for being as she is, she's obviously not a huskie!
I hope that spring arrives soon for you!

Tina said...

Hiya, Flighty!
Nope, she's no huskie - just a whimp. lol.
She stares out the window, gives a big sigh and then looks at me as if I'm the reason for all this yuck.
Thanks for the well wishes - I hope so too! I figure it can't hold out much longer.