Friday, October 12, 2007

Busy Hands

My niece just bought a house not too far from me, and with the house came a huge apple tree.
She's so busy moving in that all those beautiful apples were dropping to the ground and rotting, so she told me to come pick them...

Oh, boy, did we!

I've been hectic for the last week putting bags of pie filling, chunked, sliced, diced and applesauce in the freezer. I've made bread, pie, muffins and baked apples. I think we're appled out!

The growers were right if her apples are anything to go by - so ridiculously sweet it almost hurts your teeth.

Thank goodness my neighbor had a food mill I could borrow to do the applesauce. I used it to do the last batches of tomato sauce while I had it in my hot little hand, too.

It feels so good to have a full freezer! One less thing to stress about this winter. At least we won't starve. We might have the trots, but won't go hungry. lol.

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